Pandora Labs Security Stack

Get to know what makes Pandora Labs the best security solution for you.

Threat Detection for Web Applications

Get to know what makes WebRanger the best security solution for your website.


Security for Websites

WebRanger is a web application firewall built by Pandora Labs that protects your website 24×7. WebRanger guarantees immediate notification by a team of expert responders while they investigate the cause of the attack, what it’s trying to attack and immediate resolve the attack – while it’s happening and before they can cause any damage.

WebRanger Dashboard | Pandora LabsWebsite Manager | Pandora Labs

Threat Detection for Enterprise

Get to know what makes ThreatScout the best security solution for your IT systems.

ThreatScout Dashboard | Pandora LabsThreatScout Analytics | Pandora Labs


Security for Enterprise

ThreatScout is an SIEM built by Pandora Labs that provides the capability to collect, correlate and store logs from multiple devices. With its next-generation correlation engine, it is capable of monitoring and detecting incidents from your network. ThreatScout also provides the required reports for compliance and custom reports for you.

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