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Threat Detection for Enterprises & IT Infrastructure

Pandora Security Labs’ ThreatScout Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) is the heart of monitoring & response service. Our ThreatScout SIEM accepts logs and events from different devices or applications across our clients. Then, it processes them to identify and any potential malicious activity.

Why you need us

Business Continuity


Investing on a SOC will make business continuity possible for the fact that it offers a 24×7 incident response. Whether you are a small to medium or a medium to small business, attackers from all over the world will be there to haunt and bombard you to disrupt your business. And who will be there to respond to such unavoidable attacks? Your SOC, if you have one.

Pandora Labs


A SOC provides a systematic way of incident response which will keep surprise attacks from compromising your business’ services. With a SOC, there will be a more accurate detection and response, and your tools will be updated with the latest threat intelligence. A SOC will make sure that they are well-informed along with your tools because they work hand in hand, remember?



Like I said earlier, business discontinuity equals loss – financially, reputation-wise and more. Therefore, a SOC is a required capability whatever type of organization or business you have. You will not only be ready but you will also be au courant and at the same time equipped to whatever comes next.

How we protect your exposures

ThreatScout SIEM provides the capability to collect, correlate and store logs from multiple devices. With its next-generation correlation engine, it is capable of monitoring and detecting incidents from your network. ThreatScout also provides the required reports for compliance and custom reports for you.

Security Operations Center

The Pandora Security Operations Center or the security operations center works 24×7 to monitor and respond to every incident that is going on with your website and conducts forensic analysis to identify if the root cause or source of the attack. All the these happens without additional development time and effort from you.


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