Our milestones


Oct 01

October 2015

logo_webranger_verticalOfficial launch of the WebRanger SaaS product. Providing Free Tier to all to experience the value that WebRanger provides.

Jan 01

January 2015

logo_webranger_verticalSuccessfully developed the WebRanger SaaS product that caters to protecting websites and web applications.

Nov 01

November 2014

logo_threatscout_verticalOfficial Release of ThreatScout SIEM SaaS product supports the 24x7 Monitoring and Response capabilities of Pandora Security Labs.

Jun 01

June 2014

TycoonCenterMove to the current Headquarters at 18th Flr. Tycoon Center, Pearl Drive Ortigas 1605, Philippines.

Mar 01

March 2013

Official SEC incorporation date of Pandora Security Labs.

Nov 01

November 2012

Partnership formed between Isaac S. Sabas and Jonathan C. Mantua.

Jun 01

June 2012

First SIEM was developed by Isaac S. Sabas, which is able to cater to Snort sensors & Cisco firewalls.