Our milestones


October 1

October 2015

logo_webranger_verticalOfficial launch of the WebRanger SaaS product. Providing Free Tier to all to experience the value that WebRanger provides.
January 1

January 2015

logo_webranger_verticalSuccessfully developed the WebRanger SaaS product that caters to protecting websites and web applications.
November 1

November 2014

logo_threatscout_verticalOfficial Release of ThreatScout SIEM SaaS product supports the 24x7 Monitoring and Response capabilities of Pandora Security Labs.
June 1

June 2014

TycoonCenterMove to the current Headquarters at 18th Flr. Tycoon Center, Pearl Drive Ortigas 1605, Philippines.

March 1

March 2013

Official SEC incorporation date of Pandora Security Labs.
November 1

November 2012

Partnership formed between Isaac S. Sabas and Jonathan C. Mantua.
June 1

June 2012

First SIEM was developed by Isaac S. Sabas, which is able to cater to Snort sensors & Cisco firewalls.