Our company

Pandora Labs is a cyber threat detection & intelligence company that secures businesses by identifying & mitigating cyber threats to ensure data security. With continuous research & development, we embody data-driven & data-informed security to provide cutting-edge threat detection & intelligence solutions to our customers.

Our formula and advantage

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Industry Experience

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This is who we are. This is our advantage.

Pandora Security Labs is formed through the combined expertise of security analysts from leading IT security companies and researchers from the academe world. Our founder firmly believes that the combination of industry experience, education and continuous research is the best formula for providing innovative best quality products and services.

What we provide

Pandora Security Labs provides your security needs through

We have spent years researching and developing an innovative model and platform to lessen the cost and complexity of security while maintaining the principles of security. Supported by experience in the industry and academe, we are able to create break-through solutions to further advance how we currently secure our systems. Having this advantage to boost security, awareness, efficiency and effectiveness, we are then given the responsibility to provide our solutions to the world. Since then, we continuously aim to provide the best security solutions in a hassle and worry-free experience.

Our platform

Our strengths are honed to have unique security capabilities.

Defensive Technologies


icon intrusion detection system   Intrusion Detection System

icon next-gen firewall   Next-Gen Firewall

icon data leak protection   Data Leak Protection



Centralized Monitoring & Response using


Security Information & Event Manager (SIEM)


Offensive Intelligence


icon network audit vapt   Network Audit (VAPT)

icon webapp audit vapt   Webapp Audit (VAPT)

icon system audit vapt   Systems Audit (VAPT)



Centralized Risk & Exposure Handling using


Vulnerability & Patch Management System


Administrative Expertise


icon professional training  Professional Training

icon infosec consulting   INFOSEC Consulting

icon it compliance   IT Compliance



Centralized IT Governance using


Governance, Risk Management & Compliance System