Our Mission

Why Pandora Labs exist is to provide the cutting-edge threat detection solutions to each business -small or large enterprises. We exist as we envision a safer computing environment today and tomorrow.

Why we exist is due to the lack of threat monitoring & incident response solutions to ensure IT infrastructures are continuously safe. We exist to complement existing cyber security solutions.

Our aim to simplify how our clients secure their information and digital assets by starting from the must have –Continuous Monitoring.

Our existence:

  • Provide solutions that enable our clients to pursue their business goals without the hassle of security.
  • Provide industry standard and cutting-edge technology that exceeds our client’s expectations at the most affordable cost.
  • Provide improved information security and compliance to different industries such as banks and financial institution, educational institutions, data centers, or any business that are reliant on computer systems to conduct their operations.

With education, training, hard work, and continuous growth, we are then able to provide our clients with the best service every time.

Our Vision

Through our continuous dedication in the art & science of cyber security and data analytics, we believe Pandora Labs to usher in an age of secure computing environment for everyone.

We envision that Pandora Labs securing every businesses’ IT infrastructure –defending the networks and systems, securing digital data and proprietary information.

With our efforts in providing cutting-edge IT security solutions, we envision businesses to trust their IT systems and be more efficient in their operations.

Our Core Values

We are disciplined people, who have disciplined thoughts, making disciplined actions.

We are a team of passionate and self-motivated individuals who have a common objective in innovating and providing the best security solutions there is. We hold true to our core values, which is hard-work, continuous education, and trust.

We believe in education, training and hard work. Every network engineer, software developer, system administrator and security analyst are well-trained and well-equipped based on industry standards. Through the certifications from different vendors such as Cisco, EC-Council, GIAC, ISC2 and many more, we can guarantee our clients that we provide the highest caliber of service.

We believe in continuous growth; that is we strive to allocate resource to conduct research and development to provide cutting-edge security to our clients.

We believe in quality, trust, and integrity when it comes to providing our services to our clients. These are the most important values that we uphold, that our clients may know that we only give them the best service they should receive.