Pandora Security Information & Event Manager (SIEM) Software

Pandora Security Labs’ ThreatScout Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) is the heart of monitoring & response service. Our ThreatScout SIEM accepts logs and events from different devices or applications across our clients. Then, it processes them to identify and any potential malicious activity.

ThreatScout Features

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Pandora Vulnerability Assessment Software (VAS)

Our ActiveProbe Systematic Auditing Framework actively monitors your system to keep you going. By tracking down the vulnerabilities in your system, we resolve it and also take note of the progress of your IT infrastructure.

ActiveProbe Features

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Pandora Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Our Synapse UTM is based on and forked from an open source firewall PFsense. Its features include a Firewall, Intrusion Detection / Prevention System, Web Filter, Load Balancer, and other UTM features.