Offensive Security for Networks and IT Infrastructure

Our ActiveProbe Systematic Auditing Framework actively monitors your system to keep you going. By tracking down the vulnerabilities in your system, we resolve it and also take note of the progress of your IT infrastructure.

Why you need us

Business Continuity


An optimized build allows for high-speed and accurate scanning which enables you to quickly identify any vulnerabilities that may need to be addressed. The accurate and up-to-date information also help to determine the priority level of each vulnerability.

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Built-in migration tools grant you the ability to scale your organizations easily. The software is capable of satisfying the increasing need for vulnerability management as it continues to gain importance with modern-day organizations.



Greeted with a user-friendly interface you are able to easily understand the functions of the software. Creation and execution of a scan is both simple and easy to perform. Overall allowing you to be able to maximize the capabilities of the software.

How we protect your exposures

ActiveProbe VMS is deployed by users worldwide in order to aid in the identification of vulnerabilities, policy-violating configurations and malware that may be exploited by hackers in order to penetrate your Network environment.


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